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Killer Market Analysis

  • How to get the listing every time!
  • How to be a TOP listing Agent!

Selling With Power

  • How to achieve “over the top sales performance"
  • How to achieve “Mastery” in selling
  • How to be the “best”
  • How to achieve the Sale’s Expert’s edge

What's Your Billboard

  • 3 Seconds to connect ~ Marketing & PR
  • How to create and be “Top of Mind”
  • Positioning ~ Visibility ~ Credibility
  • Message ~ Image ~ Concrete

Time, Time, Give Me More Time

  • How to add 1-3 more hours of time into your day

1+1 = 3: Ready For a Team

  • How to multiply your success
  • Teams - fine line between profit and loss
  • What are your business needs
  • Who to pick
  • Structure & Compensation
  • Contracts/Agreements/Job Description(s)
  • Exclusivity under a Company umbrella
  • Three “P’s” - Privacy, Protection & Procedure

The Journey to Closing

  • * For SELLERS
  • * For BUYERS

Achievement Series

  • How to achieve award levels in your Company

Your Golden Goose

  • How to build a “CONTACT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” for high production

Real Estate: Business or Hobby

  • How to build a business of structure and development for above-average production
  • How to write “the plan” and business will follow
  • How to have a “high-risk” tolerance business
  • How to be an ACHIEVER, not just a surviver
  • “Chance favors the prepared mind” ~ Louis Pasteur

Niches to Riches

  • Should you build a “niche” business
  • Pros and cons of a "niche" business

“Success!” “Achievement!”

  • What is Success, Achievement?
  • How to install new “actions”, “habits”, easy in application - giving
  • Form, Execution, Achievement, Success and Acceleration - excelling in one’s chosen endeavor
  • Success is in the Details

Forms, Forms - What Do We Do with All These Forms

  • How to understand, fill out and convey to client so client’s comfort
  • Listing, Buyer Contracts, Offer, Purchase & Sale, All others

Negotiating to Win

  • What is the “real” art of negotiating
  • How to “win” for your client

Wowing Your Client with Service

  • How to rise above client’s expectations - creating a WOW! experience

Becoming Buyer's Agent of Choice

  • How to endear a Buyer to you - making you their “Agent of Choice”

Staging... Your Professional Advantage

  • Learn easy application of the “how to’s” of enhancing a home for sale - creating a law of attraction

Build a Business to Sell

  • How to plan/prepare/build a business with market value to sell.
  • Learn and know what a Buyer will want

Specializing in the High-End Market

  • Who’s your client
  • Specializing - what does it require
  • Marketing
  • Knowledge


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social network for business
  • Web sites - your store front

Eat Cotton Candy Every Day

  • How to balance work, family, life and play - easily and effortlessly

Real Estate Should Give You Life... Not Be Your Life

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